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316L stainless steel tape magnetic reasons

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There are many kinds of stainless steel pipes, which are mainly divided into two categories according to the organizational structure: austenitic and martensitic or ferritic. Austenitic body type is non-magnetic or weakly magnetic, ferrite or martensite is magnetic. So because of the current degree of heat of 316L stainless steel pipe, many customers who have just begun to purchase stainless steel pipe have questions about how to choose and identify 316L stainless steel pipe, or first understand why 316L stainless steel pipe is magnetic.

316L stainless steel decorative pipe belongs to the Austenitic structure, is non-magnetic or weak magnetic, but hot processing will make the chemical composition changes, will produce a small amount of ferrite or martensitic organization, magnetism may appear.

In addition, 316L stainless steel pipe after cold drawing processing, the structure will be transformed to martensite to produce magnetic. The greater the cold-drawn bending deformation of 316L stainless steel pipe, the more obvious the magnetism. For example, the deformation of the production square and rectangular tube is larger than that of the round tube, especially the deformation of the corner part will produce magnetism. In order to eliminate these factors leading to the production of magnetism, it is necessary to restore and stabilize the austenite tissue through solid solution treatment, so as to eliminate magnetism.

In particular, the magnetic properties of 316L stainless steel tubes caused by these reasons are completely different from the magnetic properties of other stainless steel tubes, that is, 316L stainless steel tubes always show weak magnetism.

Therefore, when purchasing 316L stainless steel pipes, do not be greedy for cheap, try to choose large brands of stainless steel pipes for procurement, after all, being greedy for small and cheap is always a big loss.

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