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Application of stainless steel bar in UAV

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An important part of the UAV motor shaft, which is a part with high precision requirements, we are the same metal processing custom high-precision stainless steel bar manufacturers, high-precision stainless steel bar can ensure the quality of the UAV motor shaft, the processing accuracy of stainless steel bar, we can reach 0.004mm; Excellent finish and straightness can ensure the surface quality of the motor shaft, optimize the bearing assembly stability, and extend the service life;

Uavs have become a household name in an emerging industry, widely used in industrial, agricultural, military and other industries. For example, drones for plant protection and environmental protection have been recognized by the industry for several years; As well as our common UAV aerial photography, using the UAV carrying the camera device to carry out a large number of aerial photography, to achieve the effect of aerial overlooking; And UAV power inspection and testing; And disaster relief and other areas play an irreplaceable role.


Under normal circumstances, the rotating shaft is made of imported SK7, 420 stainless steel, powder metallurgy and other materials. It is necessary to determine the appropriate material of the rotating shaft according to the structure of the rotating shaft and the requirements of torque and life, so that the wear resistance of the rotating shaft is better, and the deformation and fracture are not easy to occur.

The hardness of the rotating shaft of the UAV is generally through the heat treatment process, through heating, insulation and cooling to improve its hardness, to prevent deformation and fracture of the rotating shaft. The appearance of the rotating shaft is often heard to rust or the rotating shaft is used in outdoor products. Therefore, the rotating shaft is generally tested with salt spray to improve the anti-corrosion and anti-rust function of the rotating shaft and increase the service life of the rotating shaft. The salt spray of the general laptop rotating shaft can be used for 8-12H, but it is also necessary to pay attention to the different materials of the rotating shaft and the length of its salt spray test time is not the same.

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