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How is the raw material of stainless steel rod used in petrochemical industry detected

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In order to produce pressure components such as pressure dissolving shell and micro reactor joint in the mechanical processing department of petrochemical units, it is necessary to carry out ultrasonic non-destructive testing on semi-finished stainless steel rods. The past flaw detection method is: cut the stainless steel bar material provided by the supplier into a suitable small section, the outer round thick car, both ends of the flat head; After the appearance inspection is qualified, the straight probe is used to inspect the defects from the two end planes of the cylinder, and the cylindrical curved surface is inspected by the circumferential and longitudinal water immersion methods of the straight probe. In this way, the problem of the limitation of the length of the water flood flaw detection tank to the length of the inspected material is solved. However, this detection method for stainless steel rod raw materials, has become a lossy test. After detecting defects, it is difficult to return them, waste materials, increase processing costs, and cause losses to the unit. On the other hand, the result of this method is that few defects are found when the semi-finished product is inspected by the direct probe contact method from the two end faces of the cylinder. Individual longitudinal cracking phenomena often appear in the finished product during the pressure test and use.


Raw material of stainless steel bar

The wire petrochemical machinery processing department generally as long as the oblique probe contact method, the stainless steel rod raw material along the circular surface for clockwise and counterclockwise circumferential inspection, you can find the surface of raw materials and near the surface of the buried defects. The use of ultrasonic non-destructive testing is light, flexible, can quickly find defects, accurate positioning, can be the characteristics of on-site testing. In the simple tooling, the whole or the whole section of raw materials can be inspected to roughly judge the overall quality, and the problem can be returned in time to replace the material, so as to purchase materials selectively, which can greatly reduce the production cost and reduce the waste of materials.

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