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Seamless steel pipe corrosion prevention is more important, let's take a look!

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Anti-corrosion to alleviate, or reasonable prevention in the internal and external substances of organic chemistry, photoelectric catalytic effect, or because of microbial species metabolism theme activities are corrode or mildewcountermeasures. The processing technology is suitable for civil, general public buildings, corrosion-resistant engineering construction use, metal materials in the surrounding material organic chemistry, photoelectric catalytic effect, resulting in the destruction of a series of products.

When the seamless steel pipe in the transport of general steam, the black thick steel plate air duct to carry out rust treatment, brush anticorrosive paint to solve, for smoke and dust vapor, can spray paint anti-damage protective layer, when the surrounding air relative humidity to achieve a relatively large range, in the air duct surface to do corrosion resistance, rust treatment solution. For the transport of high temperature, high and low temperature vapor galvanized plate cavity, should be coated with phosphating treatment paint and other corrosion resistant architectural coatings, in the seamless steel pipe transport of high temperature vapor, ultra-low temperature gas, the surface should be done heat insulation (cold insulation) solution.

In the transportation of high temperature vapor, the key to carry out heat insulation and insulation of stainless steel pipe pipe is to prevent gas heat damage. Also in order to prevent the transport equipment temperature steam, high temperature vapor, to prevent the release of heat to the room, so that the indoor temperature rise, but also to prevent the staff touch the air pipe burns bubbles.

In summer, because the ambient temperature of the transport air is usually less than the surrounding environmental mass moisture content, condensate will occur on the surface. Increase the cooling capacity damage to the air duct of the central air conditioning system, and the solidified water droplets will pollutes the environment to decorate the ceiling, wall and road surface, so it is necessary to carry out cold insulation and heat insulation here.

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