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Seamless steel pipe manufacturers come to explain the reasons for the passivation of seamless steel pipes

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The surface treatment of seamless steel pipe is one of the important factors in choosing the life limit of steel pipe anti-corrosion application, and it is the standard for whether the anti-corrosion layer and seamless steel pipe can be robustly integrated. Certified by scientific research organizations, the life limit of the anti-corrosion layer lies in the type of coating, the quality of the coating and the natural environment of engineering construction, etc., the impact of the surface treatment of the seamless steel pipe on the life of the anti-corrosion layer accounts for about 50 percent of the life of the anti-corrosion layer.

The cleaning of seamless steel pipes should be cleaned with organic solvents and solvents to clean the surface of stainless steel plates to remove oil, vegetable oil, dust, lubricating fluids and similar organic compounds, but it cannot remove rust, oxide scale, flux, etc. on the surface of stainless steel plates, so it is only used as an auxiliary method in anti-corrosion manufacturing.


The anti-rust treatment of seamless steel pipes mainly uses steel brushes and other items to polish the surface of stainless steel plates, which can remove loose or warped oxide scales, rust stains, welding nodules, etc. If the surface of the stainless steel plate adheres to the robust zinc ash, the anti-rust treatment of the article is not ideal, and the anchor depth of the FRP anti-corrosion regulations cannot be reached.

The pickling passivation of seamless steel pipes is generally solved by pickling passivation by organic chemistry and electrolysis, and the anti-corrosion of steel pipes is only solved by organic chemical pickling passivation, which can remove oxide scale, rust and old plating, and sometimes it can be used as a solution after shot blasting and rust removal. Although chemical water treatment can make the surface layer reach the necessary cleanliness and surface roughness, its anchor grain is shallow, and it is easy to cause environmental pollution to the natural environment.

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