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Why do more and more guardrails use 304 stainless steel pipes?

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It is mainly used in roads, residential areas, commercial areas, public places and other occasions to protect personal safety and facilities and equipment - guardrails. Commonly used guardrail materials are wrought iron, aluminum alloy, wood, stainless steel, etc. In parks or some attractions, wooden guardrails are common. They have the advantage of being easy to install and looking natural after installation. However, cracks will appear after a long time, which is easy to corrode and lacks safety guarantees.


With the superior and unique performance of 304 stainless steel pipe guardrails, more and more public places use 304 stainless steel pipe guardrails instead of wrought iron and aluminum alloys. What are the advantages of 304 stainless steel pipe guardrail?

1. Long use time

Stainless steel guardrails have high safety performance and long service life. For example, 304 stainless steel guardrails can last up to 50 years, and their strength and hardness are higher than other materials such as wooden guardrails and wrought iron guardrails.

2. It is not easy to rust

The main material of stainless steel guardrail is 304 stainless steel pipe. The biggest advantage of stainless steel pipes is that they are not easy to rust. If the guardrail is made of wood and wrought iron, it should be coated with a coat of paint to prevent rust. However, after a long period of wind and rain, it is easy to rust. So stainless steel guardrails have an advantage in this regard.

3. High oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance

Reference 304 stainless steel pipe guardrail has the advantages of high temperature resistance, sun and rain resistance, corrosion resistance, and not easy to oxidize, and will not cause environmental pollution.

Stainless steel pipe guardrails have their primary colors and bright colors. The stainless steel wood grain pipe is processed by electroplating and titanium removal process, and the surface has wood grain color. Because it is stainless steel, it is also corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, and it is an environmentally friendly material that does not harm the human body.

4. Light weight and easy to use

Compared with wrought iron guardrails, 304 stainless steel pipe guardrails are relatively lightweight and easier to install and use.

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