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what is stainless steel tubing used for

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Stainless steel tubes are generally called stainless steel capillary tubes and stainless steel tubes. They are mostly used in chemical industry, petroleum, electronics, jewelry, medical care, aerospace, air conditioning, medical equipment, kitchenware, pharmaceuticals, water supply equipment, food machinery, power generation, boilers and other fields.

    Compared with other metal materials of the same thickness, stainless steel pipes have higher wear resistance and pressure resistance. Steel resistant to weak corrosive media such as air, steam, and water and chemical corrosive media such as acids, alkalis, and salts. Also known as stainless steel and acid-resistant steel. In practical applications, steel resistant to weakly corrosive media is often called stainless steel pipe.The specific uses of stainless steel product pipes are as follows:


1. Hardware accessories.

Stainless steel small-caliber pipes are used for many electronic components, hardware products, etc., but there are strict requirements on the quality of stainless steel pipes, and subsequent deep processing such as punching and cutting is required.

2. Bathroom ware.

The stainless steel small round tube can be used as a mop and a broomstick instead of the traditional plastic tube. The racks and towel racks in the bathroom are also made of stainless steel pipes, especially the stainless steel handrails in the bathroom. It is recommended to use at least 304 materials.

3. Auto parts.

In the exhaust system of the car, stainless steel pipes with large diameters can be used as exhaust pipes, and stainless steel pipes can be used for the steering wheel and bumper of the car.

4. Furniture products.

Stainless steel product pipes can be made into colored wood-grain pipes, imitating various wood-grain textures, and the finished square and rectangular wood-grain pipes can replace wood as furniture pipes. Whether it is natural color stainless steel or wood-grain colored pipes used in the furniture industry, The finished product is also very beautiful.

5. Mechanical equipment.

A lot of mechanical equipment uses various parts, and some of them can be made of stainless steel pipes, but there are strict requirements on the diameter, thickness and surface of stainless steel pipes, and punching, shrinking or expansion may also be required. Processing of mouth etc.

6. Lamp accessories.

The stainless steel pipes used for lamp decoration are mainly used as the bracket part of lamps.

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