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Classification And Physical Properties Of Copper Materials

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Copper alloy materials usually include copper rods, copper tubes, copper wires, copper coils and copper plates. This article will introduce the physical properties of these five copper materials in detail.

Copper Rod

Density: The density of copper rod is usually around 8.9 g/cm3 which makes it relatively heavy but still manageable.

Conductivity: Copper rods have excellent electrical conductivity and are ideal for electrical wires and electrical connectors.

Thermal conductivity: Copper rods also have excellent thermal conductivity and are often used in heat transfer elements and heat sinks.

Melting point: Copper has a relatively high melting point of about 1,984 degrees Celsius (3,623 degrees Fahrenheit).

Color: Copper rods are usually golden yellow and have a good appearance.

Copper Pipe

Density: The density of the copper tube is the same as that of the copper rod, usually around 8.9 grams per cubic centimeter.

Thermal Conductivity: Copper tubing is widely used in heating and cooling applications due to its excellent thermal conductivity.

Corrosion Resistance: Copper pipe has good resistance to many corrosive environments and is a common choice for water and gas pipes.

Shape: Copper tubes can have different shapes, such as round, square, rectangular, etc., to meet different application needs.

Weldability: Copper pipes are easy to weld, so they are suitable for various connection methods.

copper pipe

Copper Wire

Density: The density of copper wire is the same as that of copper rods and copper tubes, usually around 8.9 grams per cubic centimeter.

Bendability: Copper wires generally have good bendability and are suitable for the manufacture of various cables and wire harnesses.

Strength: The strength of copper wire varies with its diameter and alloy composition, and copper wires with different strengths can be selected according to needs.

Corrosion Resistance: Copper wire generally has good corrosion resistance in indoor applications.

Copper Coil

Density: The density of copper coils is the same as other copper products, usually around 8.9 g/cm3.

Shape: Copper coils are usually in roll form and can be cut into different shapes and sizes as required.

Surface Treatment: Copper coils can be finished with polished, ground or plated finishes to meet specific application needs.

Corrosion resistance: The corrosion resistance of copper coils usually depends on its surface treatment and environmental conditions.

Copper Sheet

Density: The density of copper plate is the same as other copper products, usually around 8.9 g/cm3.

Thickness: The thickness of the copper sheet can vary widely depending on the needs, from paper-thin copper foil to thicker copper sheet.

Processability: Copper sheet is easy to process and shape, and is suitable for manufacturing various parts and components.

Corrosion Resistance: Copper sheets generally have good corrosion resistance in both indoor and outdoor applications.

In conclusion, copper rods, copper tubes, copper wires, copper coils and copper sheets are all multifunctional copper products with excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. They play important roles in electronics, construction, manufacturing, transportation, and more, and their physical properties make them the materials of choice for many applications. Selecting the proper type of copper product depends on specific application needs and design requirements.

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