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Do You Know That Aluminum Rods And Aluminum Plates Are Made In The Same Process

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Aluminum rods and sheets are common aluminum products, and there are some similarities in the manufacturing process, but there are also some key differences. This article will tell you whether they are made in the same way.

The production process of aluminum rod:

Selection of aluminum ingots:

The first step in making aluminum rods is to choose the right quality aluminum ingots. These aluminum ingots are usually made from molten or recycled aluminum.


After material selection, the aluminum ingots are heated in a furnace to melt them into liquid aluminium. This step is to prepare for the subsequent processing.

Continuous casting:

After melting, the liquid aluminum is passed through continuous casting machines for continuous casting in specific cross-sectional shapes, such as round, square or other shapes. This is a critical step in the manufacture of aluminum rods.


After continuous casting, the outer surface of the aluminum rod begins to gradually cool and solidify. This ensures that the overall structure of the aluminum rod is uniform and has the required strength and hardness.


In order to further change the shape and size of the aluminum rod, the aluminum rod is drawn through a series of dies, gradually reducing the diameter, and obtaining the desired diameter and length.


Finally, the aluminum rods are cut according to the required lengths for supply to the market or further processing into desired products.

Manufacturing process of aluminum plate:

Selection of aluminum ingots:

Similar to aluminum rod, the first step in manufacturing aluminum sheet is selecting the proper quality aluminum ingot.


Aluminum ingots are heated and melted to form liquid aluminum.


The liquid aluminum is poured into the casting machine, and one important difference is that the cross-sectional shape of the aluminum plate is usually flat.

Aluminum profile


This is the core step of aluminum plate production. In the rolling mill, the liquid aluminum is gradually squeezed and pulled to form the desired sheet shape. Through rolling, the thickness and flatness of the aluminum sheet can be controlled.


Aluminum sheet may be annealed after rolling, which is the process of heating and cooling to relieve stress in the sheet and improve its mechanical properties.

Cutting and processing:

Finally, the aluminum sheet is cut and processed according to specific needs. This may include cutting to size, punching, bending, perforating or coating etc.

Comparative summary

It can be seen from the above production process that the production process of aluminum rod and aluminum plate is similar in some respects, and both require steps such as material selection, melting, shape shaping and cutting. However, their key difference is the shape and processing method. Aluminum rods are usually circular or other solid materials with specific cross-sections, while aluminum plates are flat sheets that need to be rolled to obtain the required flatness and thickness.

Therefore, although there are some commonalities in the manufacturing process of aluminum rods and aluminum plates, their final shape and use determine their key differences in the manufacturing process. These differences make them suitable for different application fields, such as aluminum rods are often used to make shafts and support structures, while aluminum plates are usually used to make shells, boat hulls, aircraft skins and building materials.

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